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"'Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere,
diagnosing it incorrectly, and applying the wrong remedies.''
— Groucho Marx
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With dignity, and human respect toward all those that
enter here in.  Freedom of speech at full force, and our
inalienable rights to those freedoms honored as
defined in our US Constitution.  Let all hold these
values true, and that no man put these words asunder.
  Get this one. My day dealing with Social Security. Trying to shave a  
                         few pennies out of my retirement budget, I called Social Security.  Now that   
                         is an experience I would not wish on anyone, but I had to find out some
information.  Flip a coin: 800 Hell or Web Site Insanity - like most government web sites, look all
day long, and still not find the answer you seek.

I chose the phone route, and you aught to call it if you need a good laugh on government-gone
berserk.  It is horrible.   Try it 1-800-772-1213.  You’ll see what I mean. Now the rest of the story; I
needed to know why I still had to pay SSI,  for Medicare Part B?   I was 100% VA, and could
really use the extra $104.90 they take out of my money each month.

You ready for this? I was told by the most cranky government worker on earth, that yes I could get
out, and not pay the $104.90, every month.  However, if I ever elected to rejoin, I would be
penalized. . ..  Stop the tape!  Okay, I paid into SSI for over four decades.  Years ago raising
kids, and keeping roof over their heads were rough enough, but seeing what was extorted out my
paychecks for SSI & Medicare could have fed another family.  Now I hear the word penalized.
PENALIZED!  Isn’t that the final phase of judgment in a criminal court proceeding?  Where is the
criminal intent here?

The cranky government employee sure didn’t like that bit of feedback I gave her. No one ever
raises their voice, or talks grumpy to GI workers, with their no-cut, endless vacation jobs.   Below
is the penalty phase for trying to save money, on a government insurance plan, that I never, ever
use.  In fact on a government healthcare plan I paid for painfully almost half a century.  Here is
their ironclad rule, with their IRS attitude, as if “We The People” are the bad guys.  

PENALTY:  Their basic rule is; Part B payment, would increase 10%, for each 12-month period
of eligibility, but was not enrolled.  Now like me, I was in it, and if I were to get out, and then later
get back in, my penalty would go all the way back to when I first received my SSI retirement
check.  I would then be paying $170.00, approximately for a $105.00, plan. Kick my ass why
don' t you?

Yeah, I plan on bitching to my Legislators, but I’ll wait until after November, as they are all lame
ducks right now stressing on the upcoming elections.

Another fine mess, our government imposes on, and in this case, the elderly that need to pinch
pennies, and stretch dollars.  You will never hear  this in MSM, for that fact Fox News or have
anyone else touch this story.  It is definitly news to me, as I lay awake at night wondering what next
scheme the government plans on abusing us constituants, it swore allegance to defend, and

Bottom Line: For me, it is like opening the window every month, and tossing a hundred dollar bill
out to the wind.  Where does the money go, and what is it used for, as I imagine there are millions
in the same boat?

Sorry, been off line for awhile with the ususal too busy
life style most Americans do these days. Well, I am
back, as I just had it with a couple government offices,
in dealing with some major issues.

Enitilement may ASS. I paid over 40 years for the
benefits, I have to wrestle out of them, and owed to
me.  Now isn't that a crying shame?

More to come, and as often as I can get them out.  

God bless, and thank you.  
I think it is about time for the Smart-Alec, self
appointed genius
es in Washington DC, to look
up, and discover what real geniuses look like,
and what they have done.  In life there are two
types of people in productivity: Talkers & Doers.  
You can look back at history, and the great
humans are more pronounced in Doing, not
talking.  Many great leaders of mankind could
do both, Talk & Do.   Tis, why it is so frustrating
living with so many elites in DC d
uring our
times, that just Blah, Blah, Blah, and kick the
Cliché on down the alley.   

Fed up with my previous bank,
I opened a new account, in a
different bank.  The former
bank went through a merger,
and now many of the services I used either increased in fees, or added
fees that were not in place years past.
  Loved my new Bank.

All was well and dandy.  That is until I went to the Social Security.  
Took a ticket number, sat and waited until my number was called.  How
many times in life must I be reminded, "If it is too good to be true, it is."
A pleasant, informative young man took all the new bank information,
and a voided check. Said it was in the system, and just to give it a pay
period, before it changes over
, and before I close the old account out.  

two weeks later, l received a letter from SSI.  So stating the
information switch could take a month, as the young man had
redicted, or up to two months. TWO MONTHS.  So, for over 60 days I
have to maintain two active banking accounts.  Sixty days playing
hopscotch between two banks.  In sixty days, God flooded the whole
world to float Noah's boat.  
SSI needs 60 days to make a common,
everyday banking change.

As I was fuming about that, I went to
my PayPal account, to change my
many transactions over to my new bank.  I spent all of five minutes, if
that much, updating my banking information.  Presto,
the new bank
was in my PayPal account, and the old account erased and gone.

STOP: Just give this a little time to settle in.  Your money wasting, day
late and dollar behind government is incapable of making a simple
banking change for over 60 days, yet PayPal, a highly successful
private enterprise can do it in five minutes, or less.  

Difference: One is a fast track, efficient private sector top of the heap
business, with effective, seamlessly smooth operating practices. After
all, time is money.  The other is working on your dime.  Tomorrow is
another day, and was that on Susie's desk before she went on
vacation, and that isn't my job.  Let me put you on hold.  All lines are
busy, please try back some other day, when we feel like answering the
phone. Thank you.