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Blues Guitar News
by Mike Dollins
The oldest Underground Blues Network since 1988:  Read by 74,100 blues fans worldwide.
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Summer of 2015
KABF Radio - With the longest
running blues program: Deb
Finney, Blues Radio
Blues For A Cause
A Helping Hand was organized
with a stated purpose which is to:

Help folks pay their medical bills, or
other health related costs, when times
are really tough, with funds raised
from Blues Benefits & Music Festivals.
Analog Man Guitar and Amplifier
Repair of Arkansas
David S. Hall
Find Analog Man David S. Hall on FaceBook:
I call David, the "Tube Amp Doctor."
Paul Kelso
Blues Radio KUAF 91.3
JAMES Harman, & I first met at the West Coast, Belly Up Tavern decades ago.  Well known on the West Coast, James has
dedicated his life to playing them blues.  A master blues harp man, singer, song writer, producer and an I eye for seeing talent,
and helping fellow musicians along.  Google, "Hollywood Fats," & "Kid Ramos," for starters.  Join James on his FaceBook page,
and if you ever get a chance, be sure you catch James Harman, a master bluesman, with the road and track record to prove it.  
                                                                                        I first met Hairy Larry ten years ago, when I moved from
California, to the Arkansas Delta, my ancestrial home state.  Larry, an IT computer genuis, has dedicated a
lifetime to his music.  He loves the blues, but has a deep appreication of all styles and types of music.  Check out
his Delta Boogie blues site, for an endless chain of music information.  Catch him on FaceBook at:
Delta Boogie
Long time coming: Len Rainey & The Midnight
, voted #1 Blues album.  Way to go Len.  
You can check out Len Rainey, and his music at:
I first met Deb, when I moved from the West Coast, back to
my ancestral family home state, Arkansas. She was gracious
enough to play a few of my cuts off the Cruiz Bros CD's.  I
found out, she is the longest continuous running Blues DJ
Broadcasting, probably in the USA, and possibly the world.  
Two things, a classy lady into the blues, and let me tell you
brother, she knows the blues.  Went to her, and Chuck's
wedding, and as a bride walking down the isle, she did her
wedding march to John Lee Hooker's, "Boom, Boom, Boom!"
I ain't tellin' lies out of school either. Catch her on Friday's, at
KABF, Little Rock AR.
First time ever I saw Lady Star Blues, was a few years back in
San Diego, CA. She & band, opened for BB King at 4th & B.  The next
Sunday, I went to a local blues jam, and got to share the stage with her.  
WOW! Yes, we did the on stage Wang Dang Doodle, and All Night
Long.  First Lady Of Blues in San Diego, California, is Lady Star.
 Lady Star & Mz SuMac
Two wonderful ladies, I got to share the stage
with, but a few years apart, and they are friends.
Back home in Arkansas years later, Mz SuMac,
dropped by our local Sunday Night Blues Jam.  WOW! talk
about Deja Vu, all over again.  Flashbacks to sharing the
stage with Lady Star.  I soon discovered they are both
friends, and my friends, you have got to visit their
FaceBook pages, get the CD's, and you will thank me.
Lady Star
Mz SuMac
Well, my latest CD is out.  Not that anyone is jumping up & down, and
waiting in line to hear an old worn out blues guitar picker.  I did,
however, have some mighty fine musicians that helped me put this
one together.  Thanks to Joe & Rhonda Pitts, for recording, and
mastering this, and probably my last CD ever.  Cheap as a
McDonald's Big Mac, you can order them off my safe, secure and
confidential, personal account. Most credit & debit cards accepted.
$5.00 + $1.25 Shipping
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Mary Everhart Blues
Hairy Larry & Delta Boogie: