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Pintos, Hocks & Greens
The Senior Blues
, (SBC), Mike
picked the guitar up in
1958, and fell in love
with R&B, Blues, Jazz
& Gospel.
His blues name "Whisker
Fish" came about by his
number one all time radio
play funk fusion hit called,
"Whisker Fish".  You can
still hear the song on jazz
stations worldwide.    With
roots in Arkansas, fishing
is his second passion to
Behind the Scenes
 Spent years
forming name,
popular bands and
promoting other
First solo CD was issued
in 2000 titled; Jazz,
Rhythm & Blues, which
still has airplay on blues,
jazz and fusion FM & Net
Radio Stations.  
Listed in the Blues
Hall of Fame:
has spent years
playing, and
promting the blues
before it was an in
JAM Radio has a 1969
recording where Mike is
with the late blues
legend, Big Daddy
Take a tour of Mike's
Band Photo History:
thumbnail shot of
Mike's 48 year history
of playing guitar.
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Whisker Fish
CD Review Mike Dollins & the Cruize Brothers
LIVE(J.A.M. Records 2003)
Frank Skinner

Mike Dollins and I have been cyber buddies for a while now.
Mike and I are the same age, both being born in 1945 we have
received the same musical influences throughout our lives.
Early R &B, Rock and Roll, Jazz both traditional and modern as
well as Blues. I have several of his computerised digital studio
produced solo recordings, "Jazz Rhythm &Blues," "Blues,
Boogie, Shuffles &Stomps," and "Blues Guitar." Very cleverly
produced CD's, some of the techniques I am sure learnt from
one of the famous "Chess" label technicians Mike worked with
a while back. Mike has had a varied career, playing guitar in his
first band at high school, in a band with the "Neville Brothers"
during his Airforce days and many more since, notably "Blues
Incorporated," "the "Big Daddy Rucker band," the "King Biscuit
band" with harp king Ken Schoppmeyer, as well as his own
"Mike Dollins Band." On this album we have Mike Dollins
teamed up with his old school chum Victor Marquez another
noted San Diego blues guitarist, together with the "Enjambre
Family Latin Jazz Connection" Roy Enjambre on bass, Dominic
Enjambre on keyboards &Roy Enjambre Jr. on drums forming a
fusion called the "Cruize Brothers Band."

This CD unlike Mikes previous solo studio efforts is a "LIVE"
band recording by his wife Jo Ann at the San Diego Bay Cruise
Ship Terminal Festival 2003. The sound quality is not up to
modern day standards with all it's knob twiddling etc but it gives
an authentic jazz/blues feel of the 60's era to this thoroughly
enjoyable jam session, all the guys givin' their all. It's great to
have two masterful lead guitarists, Mike and Victor vying with
each other bringing out the best in themselves and from the
rest of the band.

This exceptional CD has a mixture of standard jazz and blues
tunes, 3 of them instrumental numbers, 5 vocal numbers. Two
original tunes "Cruize Control" and "Downtown," both well
written and performed. The style of the vocal numbers reminds
me of Hound Dog Taylor, just great. All numbers are extended
giving plenty of time for great solo's by guitars, harp, keyboards
and bass, together with great drums, solid man. Listen out for
the Cruise ship "horn" section on track 1.

Mike Dollins   

Blues & More  

Little Rock based bluesman Mike Dollins calls his submitted
CD-R album Chameleon because when it comes to guitar, he
likes playing so many styles and vintages. Blues, of course,
form the root of his playing, and his album features six
numbers so rooted. Dollins has been playing his axe since
1958, so if you do the math, he's got almost 50 years worth of
experience. Dollins loves to solo as well, peppering his songs
with improvised lines, not only in traditional solo sections, but
also between verses, as intros, as outros, and more. All this
means more and more guitar for the blues guitar lover. You can
groove and move to his music, and after that, you can check out
one of his other umpteen CDs available through his web site.
Mike picked up the guitar in 1958 and fell in love with R&B,
blues, jazz and gospel music. His blues name, Whisker Fish,
came about by his number one all time radio play funk fusion
hit called "Whisker Fish", which can still be heard on jazz
stations world wide. After spending years forming bandsand
promoting other artists, Mike's first solo CD was issued in
2000, entitled "Jazz, Rhythm & Blues". Mike has family roots in
Arkansas and musical roots in jazz and blues. He has many
years of stage playing and performing experience, and has
been in bands such as Cruzin', The Jades and The Esquires,
among others. Listed in the Blues Hall of Fame, Mike has spent
years playing and promoting the blues before it was an in thing.

"Jazz, Rhythm & Blues" still receives airplay on blues, jazz, and
fusion FM & Internet radio stations.
Guitar, Music, Magazine, News & Radio Reviews
“Nice Freddy King type chops”
Bruce Iglauer, President Alligator Records

“Mike plays some mean guitar & sings quite
well too“
Doug Treadway, Nightflying Magazine

“Guitar playing hotter than peppered pudding”
Johnny Mannion, Blues On Stage Magazine

“Checked out your jazz, R&B CD – Good
Dave Berryman, President Gibson Guitar

“You CD is part of our play list – hooked on
whisker fish.”
Ron Moreland, Jazz Radio Philadelphia

“Playing your CD every weekend.”  
Delta Frank, Blues Blowtorch WGLT Illinois

“We’d be proud to play your CD’s on our
Larry Lowe, Cybro Radio, El Cajon, CA

“Your CD is great. We’re giving it lots of
Laura Morrison WMHB 89.7 FM, Maine

“Looking forward to your new CD.”  
Frank Skinner, Spalding Blues Club, England

“You are on our Hall Of Fame in Canada.”  
Claude Gagne KLOD Radio, Canada

“Great Jazz & Blues guitar music.”
Ron Ryder, The Radio Cave, New Jersey

“Your CD is really good.”  
Doug Carlisle, WLGX 106.7 FM South Carolina

“Mike is one of the best, & he’ll receive a big
welcome on this side of the pond.”
Jim Moore, J&B 96.3 Blues Radio, Scotland

“Off your CD we added Tender Love.”
Bill Kay, Guitars & All That Jazz, Canada

“Blues and R&B, superbly executed.”    
Joe Curtis of Delta Dawn,  Lincolnshire,

"Blues Guitar Great"
Big Harmonica Bob, Long Beach, CA

You're a bluesman!
bluephil @ YouTube

You´re great man.
bluesdoc @ YouTube

Some cool blues!
klasek @ YouTube
- 'Mike Dollins & Cruize Brothers - Live'  --  
by Joe Curtis --Delta Dawn Blues, UK
Mike Dollins & Cruize Brothers 'Live' is truly just that! An off-the-floor live
jam that clicked - preserved for musical posterity for those who really dig
the truly live 'magic' that happens sometimes, but rarely has the fortunate
chance of being recorded.

The Cruize Brothers band features San Diego Bay blues/jazz guitarist and
harp player Mike Dollins, sharing lead and rhythm guitar duties with fellow
guitarist Victor Marquez. Dollins also sings lead vocals on this fusion CD.
The superb Cruize Brothers rhythm section is composed of the Enjambre
Family Latin Jazz Connection featuring Roy Enjambre, Dominic Enjambre
and Roy Enjambre Jr. -- a popular Bay-area combo -- on bass, keyboards
and drums respectively.

The first tune -- one of two Cruize Brothers originals featured -- is
appropriately titled "Cruize Control". It's a real attention-grabber featuring
energetic, wild soloing on guitar, organ and bass; reinforced by incredible
jazz/blues guitar rhythms and hard-driving drumming.

The highlight for this writer, is "Sky Train" -- a superb slow blues winner,
that soars to the 'blues sky' with mouthwatering guitar solos that cry out
their urgency, and can definitely provide blues aficionados with their 'blues
fix'. Dollins sings out "the sky is crying", which is complemented by his
'crying' guitar riffs. Dominic's organ accompaniment is full-bodied and
adds much to this tune, as do the jazz/blues guitar rhythms, exquisite
piano soloing and Roy Sr.'s beautifully melodic bass solo featured in this
awesome winner.

The classic jazz/blues "Summertime" is done in a Latin/Jazz style. This
refreshing rendition showcases the Cruize Brothers' Enjambre Family
Latin Jazz Connection rhythm section. The electric piano and percussion
solos they do, are enchanting, and are complemented by brilliant lead and
rhythm jazz guitar and percussion. The guitar leads scream out their
intensity, as only a master of the instrument can interpret them -- conjuring
images of Carlos Santana "

The classic "Stormy Monday" follows, and right from the start it's obvious
this rendition will be special, due to the fast-paced soloing intro. Dollins'
vocals are smooth, mellow and enjoyable to listen to in this classic blues
standard. The jazz-influenced guitar soloing and organ harmonies add a
classy jazz influence, which makes this version a classic in itself. Roy Jr.'s
drumming is excellent throughout. The guitar solos are well done but not
over-done. An inspired electric piano solo occurs just at the right time -
then more of Dollins' heartwarming, mellow vocals, along with incredible
guitar leads and jazz rhythms.

This energy is sustained throughout this classic blues CD,  live and
thoroughly enjoyable jazz/blues jam-style concert featuring Mike Dollins &
Cruize Brothers.
Mike Dollins - - By Doug Treadway, Nightflying
I’ll just tell you that Mike Dollins plays some mean guitar, and
if you like electric guitar music in jazz or blues vein think;
Grant Green, BB King or Roy Buchanon, well I’ll bet you’ll
want to know more about Mike Dollins.  
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Frank Skinner, Mr. Blues
Inducted into the Blues Hall Of Fame: 2003